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What is a Home Inspection?A standard Home inspection report is not a pass or fail report. This report will disclose defects, that are found during a noninvasive inspection that is performed by a licensed and certified home inspector. The Inspector will detect and report item’s conditions that make up a home. All these items are categorized into 4 major components. The major components are structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system.

What is a Home Inspection Report?


The Main Components of a Home inspection Report

Structural: This component is considered to be the bones of the home. It’s important because this is the main structure which protects not only the occupants, but all the other components that make a building livable. The main structural items are roofs, walls, foundation, slabs, columns, footings and many more. The report will disclose all the items that are a hazard, that need service or if they’re in good standing.

Electrical: This component system is what provides the juice to power the whole home from the main feed coming into the home, all the way to your appliance connections. The report will cover the broken down items that make up the component, which include electric panels, wiring, boxes, outlets, receptacles and etc. These items all play a major role and can be very hazardous because their defects may be undetectable without any basic instruments and skills.

Plumbing: This system is made up of two categories. First the feed, which is the water coming from the city or well and supplies the entire home with water. Second is the sanitary line, also known as the waste line. This is the line that removes all the waste water from your sinks, toilets, and tubs. These lines run from the home to the street drains.homeinspectio2

HVAC: The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is the mechanical system that controls the indoor air environment.The inspector will note the unit’s specifications, size the condition by measuring a standard drop in temperature.

When these components are in good service, you can have a safe structure and environment for your family. It’s extremely important to know when these are in need of service or replacement. A thorough report from Pro Inspectors will provide you with detailed information.

Do you know if your home is in good standing? We’ll be talking in more debt about other components in future blogs. Stay informed and follow us on Instagram .

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